This is my second experience with a WEEK OF GUIDED PRAYER
and my heart is full of joy which is definitely given by God.
Thanks people and thank you Lord!

The WEEK OF GUIDED PRAYER is always a source
of great spiritual energy in our church year.

My experience was truly uplifting and I hunger for more.
I praise God everyday for our new church, friends
and finding peace within me.

I did not know what I was getting myself into
but I trusted the leadership and had a wonderful prayer experience.



I was astounded by my learning and my spiritual journey.
I left each night "lighter" full of hope and wondering.

I feel that each time I participate in the Week of Guided Prayer
my relationship with God deepens
and my understanding of His message grows.

How special this time has been.
It took the breaking of bread to a new height for me.
I will never look at bread the same way again."

What a blessed week.
It was good to experience the growth and closeness of God
and to feel His presence in our midst and flowing throughout the church.

Every year at this time something amazing happens at Bracebridge United Church. For ten years there has been a prayer phenomenon happening here. A group of committed volunteers offer their time to act as companions to others as they participate in a week of daily retreat in the midst of everyday life.
This is the third year I have been part of the Week of Guided Prayer. As a participant, each day I am given a reflection with some suggested scriptures passages. I choose one of those passages and spend a time of reflection and prayer. Each participant is encouraged to write in a journal as part of the reflection. Then we each spend half an hour at some point in the day talking to our companion about whatever emerged in our prayer time.
There is a very peaceful and comfortable feeling to the week for those of us that spend most of each day in the church. The rhythm of the five days means that the companions arrive in the morning and spend a good part of the day here. The companions meet in the various rooms to talk and pray with the participants. Gentle laughter can be heard from time to time as folks gather by the book display. Today the sound of softly playing music floated up the hallway from the auditorium as people were given the opportunity to walk the labyrinth.
But the best part of the week is the delight and amazement that appears when people talk about their experiences. For myself God has come to me in the reflection on the scripture and even more fully in the conversation with my companion. It is a rich and wonderful time. I am so grateful for the gift of this week and the people who make it possible. If you aren’t participating I hope that next year you do.

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